Jimmy Zombie is a London born, UK based artist, known for his unique
  and instantly recognisable style. Attracted to the weird and obscure, he
  draws inspiration from his travels, vintage books and album covers as
  well as the realm of music that serves as a soundtrack to his images.

  Jimmy uses a lot of organic shapes, original concepts and bright colours
  that practically leap of the page. His work is not only fun to look at, but
  is full of hidden gems, worked seamlessly into almost every piece.
  Take a closer look and you will be surprised by what you find. On the first
  viewing his work has impact but with a second and third inspection new
  details begin to emerge and reveal themselves.

  His signature way of drawing is reminiscent of psychedelic posters from
  the 70's with their soft merging edges and separated colour palettes.
  Jimmy's vibrant use of colours and eclectic choice of scenery merge into
  iconic, vivid drawings, which have led him to work for brands such as
  Converse, Samsung, Barcelona fashion week, Faber, Universal Music
  and The Guardian.

  Take a trip and explore the weird and wonderful world of Jimmy Zombie.